User Research

Get into the head of your target audience and optimize the user experience of your site

  • icoon meten is weten

    Knowledge is power

    While doing qualitative user research, we gather as much useful information as possible with 5 face-to-face interviews. During this ‘reality check’, we uncover mistaken assumptions and are able to finetune the design.

  • icoon ontwerp- en bouwfase

    Design- and development phase

    We advise making use of user research during the design phase and after the development phase. While in the design phase, we validate the designs with a clickable prototype. After the development phase, we test the working website or tool.

  • icoon testpersonen

    Test persons

    To ensure the quality of the user research, it is important that the test persons are representative of the target audience of the project. For example, when digital accessibility is a goal, include people with a visual impairment in your research.

Many came before you

Time and time again, user research has been an eye-opener for our clients. After spending an intensive day focused on a design or website, you uncover exactly what needs to be done.

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The users of your website decide its success. Is something unclear or are the required amount of clicks to the final destination too high? Then there is a good chance users might be leaving sooner than you’d like. That’s not something you would want to happen when you’ve just invested in a new website or application. To avoid this, we recommend you to make use of good user research. The best way to get into the head of your viewers is with face-to-face user research.

In face-to-face user research, we invite test persons to a location with a testing setup. This can be done at our office, at your location or even on the street. Depending on the project and the target audience, we will test the prototype on desktop, mobile or both. One interviewer, one designer or developer and a maximum of three spectators from you, the client, will be present. We value the presence of a client during the testing, not just because of the knowledge of the topic at hand, but also because you as the client will be able to give valuable insights.

Validating design choices with user research

Designers are only human too; and you want the best possible design before the product launches. User Research validates the countless assumptions that a designer makes of a website or web application, and that is extremely valuable. During the research, the interviewer will prompt the test persons to execute pre-determined tasks and will ask questions to gather as much valuable feedback as possible. For the validation process, we work with a clickable prototype. The content and interaction has been integrated into the prototype as much as possible. Together with the client and using the input of the test persons, we validate the assumptions and design choices and optimize the design and content.

Testing features of the final product

The User Research that takes place after the building phase will test the performance of the final product. We make use of a working website or tool on desktop and/or mobile devices. We validate if the test persons are able to easily navigate through the website or application. Do they click on the correct buttons, and does the screen that they expect pop up? Using the feedback from this phase we will give the final product the finishing touch it deserves.

Test persons

To execute qualitative research encompassing five face-to-face interviews per research round, test persons are necessary. These test persons must be representative of the target audience of the project. Whether that be people with a criminal record in the case of the VOG-check (statement of conduct check), or people with a visual impairment when requirements surrounding digital accessibility have been set. Together, we will determine the composition of the test persons.

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