Leidse Schouwburg - Stadsgehoorzaal

Where stories come together in theater


For Leidse Schouwburg - Stadstheater - the oldest theater in the Netherlands, we made a website that brings theater to life.

Leidse Schouwburg - Stadsgehoorzaal

A new website for the oldest theater of the Netherlands

Leidse Schouwburg - Stadstheater opened its doors for the first time in 1705, making it the oldest theater in the Netherlands. A beautiful theater, where the architecture is inspired by the layout of Italian theaters, which will take you back in time and let you enjoy theater like never before. Leidse Schouwburg - Stadstheater has existed in the Breestaat since 1826 and is a rare example of neo-Renaissance architecture.

Two beautiful locations that bundle their range of theater performances in one website. We made a new web design, conducted user research, built the website, made an integration with Ticketmatic and MailingList and styled the entire ordering process and all service emails. The result: an optimal customer experience from online visit to theater visit.

Leidse Schouwburg mockup bestelproces
Webdesign with an experience

Dark theme puts the artist in the spotlight

Two locations. Both have a rich history. How do you deal with that in a web design? We want the feeling you get when visiting the website to match the experience you have in the theatre. This way, the fun can start at home.

The choice of colour, fonts and the ratio of image to text is the determining factor. The dark theme suggests that you are in a dark theater room and the artist is the center of attention. We use a lot of images in sliders, you may recognize them from the well-known streaming platforms Netflix and Videoland. With video and images at the center, we inspire visitors in a more visual way.

The new website provides a foretaste of the theater experience at Leidse Schouwburg - Stadstheater. A theater experience that our developers eventually bring to life on your screen.

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Plan your theater season

Get rid of the brochure. Hello Favorites!

Theater lovers live for the theater season. As soon as the brochure is out, people are starting to make a list of the tickets that need to be ordered for the coming year. That could be more convenient! You can do that online!

That's why we made the 'favorites feature'. Do you find a performance interesting, but do you want to look further? Then just click on the heart. Via 'Favorites' you will then see an overview of all performances that you have 'liked'. And you can order your tickets directly via the shopping cart.

And if you do end up in the ordering process: we have completely styled the html template and css stylesheets according to the web design. To top it off, after completing your orders, you'll get emails that tie in just as nicely. In this way everything is one whole. We like to go for that complete experience 😃

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Integration Ticketmatic and WordPress

Fast workflow for web editors

In addition to optimizing the user experience, it is just as important to create an environment and workflow that the team of Leidse Schouwburg - Stadstheater can work with.

We therefore made an integration with Ticketmatic: a ticket system for the sale of tickets. The team of Leidse Schouwburg - Stadstheater creates new performances in Ticketmatic and we ensure that these performances and the performance information - such as genre, date, time, location, price, whether or not a break and/or drink is included - are automatically entered in the content management system WordPress. The web editors then enrich the pages with a description, videos, images, Spotify playlists and reviews to convince visitors to come to the performance.

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The organisation

Theater as a place of connection

Leidse Schouwburg - Stadstheater serves as a place for inspiration and wonder. Dance, theatre, cabaret, conferences, events and music is what brings people together in this place.

Leidse Schouwburg - Stadstheater offer many opportunities for people to connect, grow and enjoy theatre. The organization is also open for conferences, events, drinks and meetings. This gives companies the opportunity to have an enchanting business experience in the beautifyl city of Leiden.

The new website is a positive addition to the entire customer experience. Are you curious about the new website of Leidse Schouwburg - Stadstheater? Click here to start your experience.