Interactive Surveys as a marketing tool

Help your target audience to make better choices

  • Help! Voting stress.

    Does your target audience have to make a decision and do they find that difficult? Avoid voting stress and support them with an Interactive Survey. Whether it’s a new career decision, voting for a political party or education on a specific subject, Slik creates an Interactive Survey that helps your target audience and supports them in making a well thought-through decision.

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    Interactive Surveys as a marketing tool

    Have you ever considered an Interactive Survey as a marketing tool? It can be the perfect tool to reach your target audience, gather data or offer a contribution to the appearance and identity of your organisation. As a component of a marketing campaign, you will add true value with a custom made result or advice for each user.

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Slik has lots of experience when it comes to designing and developing Interactive Surveys. For ProDemos, the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, and Foundation Matchis, we have helped many Dutch people decide whom to vote for during the elections, finding out their chances in getting a job, and with deciding whether or not to become a stem cell donor. Check out some of our projects below:


The Voting Advice Application (VAA) for the Dutch general elections.

View project


Check your chances of getting a Statement of Conduct in all industries.

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KNGF CareerMatch

What does your future look like as a physiotherapist?


Could you save a life by donating stamcells?


The interactive survey for the municipal elections of Amsterdam.


Find your ideal workplace and employer.


See how political parties have voted in the last election period.

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Do you want to support your target audience with making the correct career choice or help them figure out who to vote for during the elections? Or do you want your target audience to become more knowledgeable of a specific topic? An Interactive Survey can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Interactive Surveys as a recruitment tool
  • Interactive Surveys as support for making a choice
  • Interactive Surveys as contribution to the identity of your organisation

Who has made the VoteMatch?

Who are the guys who have made the VoteMatch application? It’s us! We’ve made the VoteMatch for ProDemos in 2020 and in 2017 we did a huge update to improve the usability. Using frequent user research we keep improving the VoteMatch in iterations, so that each Dutch person can use the VoteMatch on each device in order to help them test their political preferences. As a partner, we have been involved in many projects of ProDemos, such as the VotingTracker, CandidateMatch and the PartyMatch.

The VoteMatch is a nice example of an Interactive Survey as support for when you have to make a choice. On top of that, it contributes to the identity of ProDemos. In this case it’s about political parties, but it could just as well be about the next step in someone’s career or by the decision if you would like to become a donor or not.

Interactive Surveys as a recruitment tool

Interactive Surveys usually have multiple purposes. For example for the StamcelMatch: this tool is being used as a recruitment tool for new stamcel donors and also to increase the knowledge of users in order to lower the gap for donations. These goals empower each other. In this case it’s about gaining stamcel donors, but it’s also possible of course to launch an Interactive Survey as a recruitment tool for new members or donors. Consider the gathering of contact data, with which you can start a targeted marketing campaign and make your list of customers or members grow.

This project is specifically about stamcel donations, but it could just as well be about other topics such as the amount of sugar in our food or education regarding waste separation.

Educate your target audience

If we’re looking at an Interactive Survey that mainly educates the target audience about a specific subject, then the VOG-Check is a nice example. With the VOG-check (VOG is Dutch for: Statement of Conduct), Justis - the screening authority for the Ministry of Justice and Security - wants to avoid mistakes about how the VOG-screening works and improve the Statement of Conduct. This tool is specifically not used as a recruiting tool - after all, no data is being collected - but it does give users useful, trustable and honest advice. Justis really intends to help Dutch citizens with their Statement of Conduct.

How sympathetic is your organisation?

The fact that your organisation offers a tool that really helps your target audience is worth a lot and that contributes to a positive look of your organisation. It’s the specialty of our team to think along with that, to help with thinking out the questions and the underlying calculations, the design and the development of a typical Interactive Survey.

  • Superfast Interactive Surveys thanks to Vue.js

    Thanks to it’s dynamic and interactive character, we build the front end of the Interactive Survey with Vue.js. An open-source JavaScript framework for the creation of pages that load super fast.

  • Extremely quick application with Node.js

    We can give your Interactive Survey a back end and a management interface. We prefer to use Node.js, with which we can develop at a fast pace and deliver a flexible result.

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