Privacy statement Slik BV

Jan 25th, 2023

Slik takes great importance in your privacy. We follow the privacy regulations to the teeth, so all your data and personal information is safe and protected and will only be used when necessary. In this privacy statement we will go over what we do with the information we collect when you are browsing

If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement, or want to know what we have collected from you, please contact Slik B.V.

Processing your order

When you order one of our products or services we use your personal information to make sure we can complete your order to the fullest. We may send your personal information to domain registrars when needed. Furthermore, we will also collect your payment information from your bank or credit card company.

For this we use payment information, name, address and the city where you are based, we collect your IP address, email address, phone number and billing address. We need all these pieces of information for the contract under which we sell our products and services. We will save this information until your order is completed and for seven years after that (that is the legal retention obligation).

Access to our portal

Through our portal you gain access to a management environment where you can set, specify and change things yourself. We will save what has been done and when so that can log all actions made.

For this we use your name, address and the city you are based in as well as your IP address and email address. This is used for the contract we sign with you. We will save this information up to six months after the termination of our services to you.

Statistics and profiling

We keep statistics on the use of our website. These are used to improve our website to, for example, show more relevant information to you on your next visit. We may combine multiple sets of personal data to get to know you better. Of course, your privacy is of utmost importance to us. If you do not wish for us to use your data in this way, please contact us.

For collecting this information we use your IP address and session ID’s. We collect this information for legal reasons. We keep this information for one year.

Contact form

You may use our contact form to ask questions or request services from us. For these use-cases we will use your name, address and the city you are based in. We collect this information for legal reasons. We save this information until we believe we have helped you to our fullest extent and for six months after that. This way, when you contact us again we may use what we collected on your previous contact to better help you with your query. We also use this to further improve and train our customer service.


You may freely subscribe to our newsletter. In this we will share news, tips and information about our products and services. You may unsubscribe at any moment, and every newsletter will contain an unsubscribe link.

Your email address is automatically added and saved after you order from us, unless otherwise specified. We will save this information up to a month after you unsubscribe.


We would like to advertise to you about sales and new products and services. We will do this through the following channels:

  • Via email
  • Via social media
  • Via phone

You may ask us to stop these advertisements at any moment. Every email will contain an unsubscribe link. You can block us on social media or unsubscribe there. And you may also clarify this when we contact you by phone.

Sharing information with third parties

We only share your personal data to third parties where this is necessary from a business perspective, or if we are required to do so by the law (for example when the police requires us to share that information in case of an investigation into a crime).

We work with select companies. These partners may receive your personal information from us. This is needed to run our website and deliver on what products or services you have ordered from us.

We work together with the following companies:

  • Google: uses cookies for statistics, search engine optimization and cloud storage for documents
  • HotJar: uses cookies for website optimization and visitors analysis.
  • MailChimp: Saving email addresses for sending our newsletter
  • Bizway BV, The Netherlands: cloud storage for services and databases
  • Tilaa BV, The Netherlands: cloud storage for services and databases


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track how our visitors use our website. We have signed a processing agreement with Google. In that agreement are strict guidelines about what Google gets to keep. We have not allowed Google to use our analytics data for any other Google services, except for Google AdWords, to boost the visibility of our website in search engines. We have Google anonymize IP addresses and Google deletes this information after 14 months.


Keeping your personal information safe is our top priority. To protect your privacy we take the following steps:

  • Access to any personal information we safe is protected by an username and password
  • We take physical security measures like locks and safes for the systems where personal information is stored on
  • We use encrypted connections (Secure Sockets Layer aka SSL) to safeguard any data that is sent between the website and you when entering personal information
  • Offsite backups are saved, encrypted in Rust

Changes in this privacy statement

When our website changes, sometimes we'll also have to change the privacy statement. So always make sure to check the date at the top and regularly check if a new version is available. We'll do our best to announce any changes as well.

Look into, change and have your information deleted

If you have any questions, or wish to know what information we have collected on you, you are always welcome to contact us with the contact information down below.

You are entitled to the following rights:

  • You can know what information we have about you and what we do with that information;
  • You may look into the exact information we have on you;
  • You may ask us to remove any outdated personal information;
  • Revoke your consent;
  • Appeal the way we use some of your data.

Always make sure to clearly mention who you, to make absolutely sure we do not change or delete the information of the wrong person.

File a complaint

If you feel that we have not helped you correctly then it is within your rights to file a complaint with the supervisory authority. In the Netherlands this authority is called the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

Contact information

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Office D3.112
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