• Wordpress Essentials

    The foundation for a safe and secure hosting environment, perfect for any professional organisation.

    • 1 site

    • 5 GB storage

    • backups

    • 25.000 visits/month

    • SSL/TLS

    • Web firewall

    • Shared server

    € 19 / mnd
  • Wordpress Server

    Your own server for all your projects and campaigns that require much when it comes to performance and security.

    • max 10 sites

    • 50 GB SSD storage

    • backups

    • 125.000 visits/month

    • SSL/TLS

    • Web firewall

    • Multi-core SSD server

    € 79 / mnd
  • Wordpress Cluster

    A dedicated server with mirroring datacenters the Netherlands. You’ll remain online in case of broken wires, fire and even a power outage.

    • max 10 sites

    • 50 GB mirrored storage

    • backups

    • 125.000 visits/month

    • SSL/TLS

    • Web firewall

    • High Availability cluster

    € 129 / mnd

Your WordPress website, secure and fast

Imagine: A WordPress website that is always up to date, with fast loading times and secured as per the latest standards. With Slik, you are in the right hands when it comes to hosting and managing your WordPress website. We take care of the security and technology through and through and we are your one-stop shop for all your questions. Our own WordPress hosting platform in the Netherlands is set up specifically for WordPress websites.

The latest technologies for your WordPress website

WordPress hosting comes in many shapes and sizes. At Slik we have years of experience with WordPress hosting. This is why we use the latest technologies. Below you will find a few of the technologies that make our hosting so unique. Are you considering migrating to a new Wordpress Hosting service? Ask our competitors if they use the same technologies as we do!


Want to know more?

Thijs has years of experience with WordPress hosting and would love to assist you.


SSL/TLS security for your website at no extra cost

The privacy and security of your visitors are of utmost importance. That’s why, with our WordPress hosting packages, you will get free SSL/TLS certificates for your websites. SSL/TLS encrypts the communication between the website and your visitors. The ‘lock’ icon in the browser will make your website appear trustable (and it is!). You don’t have to do anything: we will provide the most secure SSL settings (Check out SSL report!)


The best web firewall with ModSecurity

ModSecurity is proven to be the best web and web-application firewall. All traffic going to your website is checked with ModSecurity, which blocks incoming hacking attempts such as SQL injection, PHP remote code execution and brute force login attempts. At Slik we have been training ModSecurity for years on WordPress hosting, so that known hacks, viruses and malware are blocked. We also contribute to the open-source ModSecurity project.


Hardware firewalls for an additional layer of security

Our high availability WordPress cluster is being protected by Fortigate firewalls from Fortinet. These hardware firewalls from Fortinet add an additional layer of security. This extra layer is essential for controlling large scale attacks, such as DDoS attacks. These firewalls are connected to the Dutch access points of our internet providers.


Your website is future proof with IPv6

We are continuously updating our network to the latest technical standards. One such recent standard is the implementation of IPv6, the newest version of the Internet Protocol. IPv6 makes sure even more people can be connected through the internet. That’s why your site, even in the future, will be available to all citizens of the world quickly and reliably.


With AppArmor your website is secured from within

Where ModSecurity protects you from external attacks, AppArmor provides internal safeguarding. AppArmor is a Linux-based security module developed by Ubuntu. At Slik, every WordPress website is contained and secured by AppArmor. This ensures that a website is unable to access data it should not have access to. It’s also possible to host your site on a separate virtual server when this is required for compliance or legal reasons.


Always online through our backups

Our WordPress hosting cluster is being provided by VMware. VMware high availability and DRS divide and secure the load on our servers. In the unlikely case of a critical failure in one of our data centers in the Netherlands, applications and websites will immediately be restarted from the backup location.