Check your eligibility for a Statement of Conduct in all industries.


In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and Security and the screening authority of the Netherlands, Slik has created the VOG-check. It’s a tool that helps you assess whether you are eligible for a Statement of Conduct in all industries.


The VOG-check is aimed at an extremely wide audience, from 16 to 65 years old, from professors to inmates.

Have you ever been pulled over by the police because you were missing a bike light, and do you think this influences your chances of receiving a Statement of Conduct (SOC)? Luckily, you’re wrong. The VOG-check helps inform everybody how a screening works.

Have you ever been in touch with justice and do you have a police record? Then, it might be interesting to try the VOG-check. Adolescents and adults with a police record think (often unfairly) that they won’t get a Statement of Conduct. Punishable facts don’t have to influence your life forever, there’s always a chance for a SOC. The VOG-check offers a first indication of the chances of receiving a SOC in various branches.


Knowledge about a police record is found in jail

Do you not have a police record? Then you’ll be finished with the VOG-check in 3 questions. When someone with a police record is using the VOG-check, it’s a different story. To give a good indication of the chances of receiving a SOC in various branches, a list of questions follow. Such as: what does it say on your police record and which punishment did you receive? When did you receive the punishment and for how long? These are questions that someone without a police record can answer based on gut feeling during a user survey. However… Is the date and duration of a punishment easily filled in by someone with a police record?

Even more reason for doing user surveys where part of our target audience is: in jail. We have conducted user research at a justitional youth facility, performing qualitative user-tests on site.

Using a prototype of the design, one researcher, our designer and two attendees of our client gave each test person assignments and asked questions. One of our findings was that test persons with a police record got completely stuck at one specific question and that certain terminology was unclear. With this feedback, the design was improved and we made changes to the content.

After the development phase, a second user survey was done. The end result: a tool that every user can use to find out what their chances on a SOC are in a quick and user friendly way.


Government corporate identity and digital accessibility requirements (WCAG)

Because the VOG-check was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and Security and the identity needs to be clear, the tool is required to use the Government’s corporate identity. This makes the sender clear, and the tool both trustworthy and authoritative.

Extra care was taken in order to meet the legal requirements for digital accessibility, also known as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). These guidelines assure disabled users can easily use the VOG-check.

Have you ever considered how people with a visual impairment make use of online tools? Using screen readers and the tab function of their keyboard, they navigate through the content of a page. This means that the code needs to cater to this. It’s not just the code, but also the design and the texts (consider contrast and font type) that need to meet the requirements of digital accessibility. The VOG-check has been extensively tested by impaired users.


Super quick interface developed with Vue.js

The VOG-check has been designed and built mobile-first, so it is responsive and supports the usual browsers on desktop, tablet and mobile. The VOG-check has been built using HTML, CSS3 (BEM), TypeScript and Vue.js, a powerful open source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces, such as the one we built for the Stem Cell Match. When you start the VOG-check it will be loaded by the browser in one go. In no way, shape or form, data is being exchanged with the server.

For the collection of some anonymous statistics, an integration with Matama (previously Piwik) has been made. Matamo is used to measure user statistics in a safe way. Matamo is an open source software that works on a private server, which makes it possible for our client to manage and control user data privately. This way, the privacy while using the VOG-check is being kept and the data is not being sent to third parties.

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