Efficient Web Applications

Make organisations more efficient. That’s the rush.

Nowadays, everyone is online 24/7. Smartphones, tablets and computers make sure that we can do business and find information anywhere. As a business, you of course want to make that work for you. Web applications can have different purposes. For example, think about a CRM system, administrative software, intranet, extranet, order systems or interfaces. Internet agency Slik has specialized itself in building web applications. We create completely custom web applications that do what you ask them to do!

  • Business critical

    A web application, whether it’s about your certification, billing- or service reports or management of a video platform, is business critical. And especially a business critical web application must always work and always work easily.

  • Mobile friendly websites

    Users increasingly use mobile devices to visit websites. That’s why it’s important that your website is suitable for smartphones and tablets with diverse screen sizes. A mobile friendly website also boosts your performance in Google, giving your website higher ranking.

We work with like-minded people in all sorts of organizations

Are you interested in working with us on a website or web application? Tell us about your idea, and we will think with you to realize it.

Experienced in building the best web applications

Internet agency Slik has an experienced team with fresh ideas. Mobile first, content first. Great, but it’s the results that matter. That’s why we demand the most from our web applications. We know unlike any other to make your web application user friendly and technologically sound. Naturally, your users are the focus so that your web application stands strong from day one. Usability is in our DNA, and this shows in our web applications.

Past web application projects: many came before you

Hospitals, innovative startups and stock market listed companies. Throughout the years, Slik has created many web apps for diverse notable clients. For example, we have created the well-known web application “VoteMatch” for ProDemos that enables users to test their political preferences. For the department Subsea Services of Boskalis we have made an application for project-based data storage of inspections of offshore platforms, pipes, cables and offshore windmill parks. Next to that, we have created the most complete accounting program of The Netherlands (Plotter), an administration system for freelancers (Zioo), a document management system for CDHO and an on-demand video platform for International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR Unleashed). Many came before you. Interested to build a web application? Let’s create something beautiful together! Many came before you. Interested to build a web application? Let’s create something beautiful together!

Creating a web application: our method

During the development of a web application, Internet Agency Slik uses wireframes, data models and interaction models. We also use user stories before we begin the realisation, so that we have a good understanding of what you or your customers want to do with the application. During the realisation of the web app, we mainly use Node.js and Vue.js as frameworks.

Mobile friendly web applications

Our opinion is that web developers too often target web applications at the desktop. A common mistake! Especially considering the age we’re living in. Everything we develop - whether it’s a website or a web application - has to work perfectly on any device. Smartphones, tablets or computers? At internet agency Slik you are always assured of a successful web app! Web applications that are mobile friendly make your organisation more flexible. It’s that easy.

Secure web applications: always online and up to date

For Slik, the security of your data and that of your customers is paramount. Thanks to our managed hosting, you will never have to worry about your web application again. Web apps from Internet Agency Slik are always online, up to date and secure!

A low investment and high reward

Thanks to the newest techniques and our matter-of-fact way of working, we manage to structurally improve working processes with our web applications time and time again. Through our years of experience, we are able to create a web application for you in a short amount of time. This way, your investment stays low and you can quickly launch your new web application!


Create a web application?

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