Customized WordPress Websites

Visually appealing, user-friendly and perfect for search engine optimization

  • Custom WordPress webdesign

    Web design is a combination of design, tone of voice and relevant technology. All of our WordPress websites have a completely custom design, and are tuned to your wishes and your company’s corporate identity. On top of that, we can deliver a web design tailored to any budget.

  • Mobile friendly websites

    People increasingly use mobile devices to visit websites. That’s why it’s important that your website is suitable for smartphones and tablets with diverse screen sizes. A mobile friendly website also boosts your performance in Google, giving your website a higher ranking.

Our WordPress-projects

Slik has a lot of experience when it comes to designing and building WordPress websites. To name a few, for Lentiz Education Group, VONQ and Bike&Bite we have delivered beautiful results. Check them out underneath here.

We work with like-minded people in all sorts of organizations

Are you interested in working with us on a website or web application? Tell us about your idea, and we will think with you to realize it.

Responsive web design (mobile friendly)

During the design process, our web designers always keep the capabilities of WordPress in mind. For example, think about the consistent use of content blocks that are used on multiple pages. Slik makes WordPress websites mobile friendly by default. Content, design and technology are completely optimized and tuned to mobile devices. Our WordPress web designs result in websites that empower the online identity of your company and encourage your website’s visitors to take action. This way, you’re ready for the competition! Read more about WordPress webdesign.

WordPress website realisation

We are the WordPress specialists. After having designed and developed hundreds of unique websites, ranging from simple one-pagers to enterprise-level intranets spanning thousands of pages, we’re confident in saying that. WordPress is the most successful system in the world. WordPress offers all the flexibility to make every design possible and thanks to its plugin structure it is easily expandable. Due to our unique way of working you can expand your website by yourself surprisingly easily, and provide your pages with text, images, videos and more.

WordPress hosting: your website fast and always up-to-date

For us, nothing goes above the security of your data. Thanks to our years of experience with WordPress websites we know exactly how to keep them safe. We make sure that your website is always up-to-date and makes use of the newest technologies in the area of security. Your website is fast and always stays online thanks to our backup location. Read more about WordPress hosting.

WordPress security and hack-free guarantee

Word-wide WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. Also among hackers, WordPress is very popular. This is why good web protection is very important. Internet agency Slik employs security experts that check websites for vulnerabilities multiple times a day. Security vulnerabilities are closed immediately. And with our hack-free guarantee you are well prepared for attacks from hackers. This is why your WordPress website is safe with Slik!

Content editing by Slik

Slik is a full service internet agency. We don’t take our task lightly. You are at the right address for thinking out, working out and implementing the content of your website - texts, illustrations and images. Our own web editors write in understandable language that reads easily. On top of that, we have access to a wide range of translators, photographers and illustrators.

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Interested in creating a WordPress website?

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