Full Service

Delivering clever, creative and robust solutions

Design and development

From rough sketch to polished result

To design is to make something that hasn’t been thought of before. We make bespoke designs that users will love to use. Simple and to the point.


A successful website, rest assured

We are here to create your online success. So after your new product goes live, we will still be on stand-by to support you. This way, using your website or web application will remain a pleasure for many years to come.

Online marketing

A natural extension to your marketing efforts

Creating a website is just the beginning. Online marketing can be a hassle, and it’s different every day. We set up campaigns, monitor your online reputation, and make sure you rank well. In close collaboration with your staff, aligning to your digital strategy.

Content management

Improving your online success every day

Still waters do damage. It might seem a little bit hyperbole when thinking about your website, but it is the harsh reality. Whether occasionally or more consistently, we work together with you to ensure your online success.

Managed hosting

Always online, always up-to-date, always secure

We work with nothing but the best when it comes to safeguarding your data. An important reason for parliaments, ministries and hospitals to choose for the hosting services provided by Slik and meet the strictest requirements for securing data.

Wordpress hosting

We create and maintain Wordpress websites.

Imagine: A WordPress website that is always up to date, with fast loading times and secured as per the latest standards. With Slik, you are in the right hands when it comes to hosting and managing your WordPress website.