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Thanks to their expertise and their Job Marketing Platform (JMP), VONQ has decreased cost per hire and time to hire for a lot of European organisations.


Exploring for a master plan in online communication

We love clients who want to be closely involved with a project. VONQ is one of those clients. Having their own designers and developers, VONQ is a professional party who works along in reaching the best results. A cooperation based on co-creation, in which VONQ’s thought-through opinion is priceless.

The discovery phase of the project is fully dedicated to the development of a master plan for online communication. The starting point for the development of the website as well as the content. How will we approach target audiences and the needs of the organisation? Thanks to the execution of user- and goal descriptions, focus on content and content creation, functional and non-functional requirements, personas and customer journeys, we have created a master plan laying out a beautiful foundation for refining user stories and the creation of UX- and graphic design.


User stories as starting point of UX- and graphic design

The UX- and graphic design is completely based on the wishes of our stakeholders. Using refined user stories for diverse stakeholders such as users, recruiters, recruitment directors, partners, VONQ marketeers and jobseekers, we have figured out precisely what their wishes are. Complete freedom in creativity, but while keeping the VONQ style guide in mind. The web design that Slik has created is flawlessly in line with this.

Our designers have based the design on modularity. During the wireframing process, but also during the UX- and graphic design process. Using these methods a design has been created that has led to an extremely flexible result. Within the WordPress environment, VONQ possesses all the power to customize each page using various building blocks.

By turning wishes into building blocks in WordPress, VONQ is now fully powered to build any (landing) page themselves.
Timon Quist - Designer at Slik

Integration Marketing Automation Tool (MAT) Pardot

Pardot by SalesForce, is VONQ’s Marketing Automation Platform of choice. Slik has seamlessly integrated Pardot into the website, allowing VONQ’s marketing professionals to analyse all marketing data from the website inside Pardot. This is how Slik fully supports VONQ’s data-driven marketing approach.

VONQ is an expert in Online Recruitment Marketing service. With offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and London, VONQ helps companies make their recruitment more efficient. VONQ does this using a data-driven marketing approach.


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