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The best food tours in Rotterdam & Delft


Being Dutch, we love to ride bikes, and we love to discover bars. Bike & Bite organises food tours by bike. A match made in heaven. is one tasty website.

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Client involvement is paramount to any project’s success. The cooperation with Bike & Bite is one of those golden examples. Communication went smoothly via our project management tools and proved constructive. This has resulted in a customized website that fits seamlessly with Bike & Bike’s identity and their various tours. Let’s keep those reservations coming!

Hidden gems and culinary highlights in Rotterdam & Delft

Bike & Bite's food tours offer a special experience in Rotterdam and Delft. Tourists, day trippers and companies get to know Rotterdam by bike and Delft by foot. Aside from tourist highlights, there is a focus on hidden gems and culinary highlights.

Eating great food is a spectacular sensation. This experience starts by making a reservation on the website. The presentation, including background video and photography, makes your mouth water. Even if your tour hasn't even started yet!

The result: a web design with lots of room for video and images to bring forward the experience of the tour as much as possible during the reservation process. Using customized building blocks within WordPress, Bike & Bite is able to manage the website and add new pages, such as landing pages for SEO campaigns and reservation pages for new tours. Got a new tour? No problem. New city? Easy as pie.
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Creating a new website with Slik was a breath of fresh air after years of doing everything by ourselves. The meetings were brimming with ideas that were executed professionally with an eye for detail. And when we ran into an obstacle, Slik thought of a solution while respecting our wishes. The result speaks for itself, well done!
Paul Fitzpatrick - Cofounder and owner Bike & Bite

Questions, questions and more questions

Like every project we run, we started with a kick-off. During a kick-off meeting, we brainstorm about the target audience and work out the features and layout of the website. How will we deal with landing pages? How do we reach a higher conversion, and how do we distinguish Bike & Bite from other tour operators around Rotterdam, Delft and future cities? How do we seamlessly integrate the user experience in the booking process?

As we collect this information, the design process is starting up. Every design process results in a testable, clickable prototype in Figma - our interface design tool. This enables our clients to evaluate each screen and provide feedback through comments in the design. Away, feedback emails with dozens of bullet items, away!

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An easy workflow using flexible blocks

After finishing the design process, a fully customizable website was made WordPress. The WordPress plugin ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) transforms the default WordPress editor into a flexible grid of building blocks, making pages freely editable and websites more easily expandable. No technical knowledge required, and no risk of breaking stuff such as when using complex site editors. No unnecessary functions, what you see is what you get.

Bookeo is integrated into the Bike & Bite website.Bookeo enables Bike & Bite to transfer bookings directly into their schedule, while allowing clients to pay with any payment method, including the country’s favorite, iDeal. A drawback of Bookeo is its limited styling functionality which is hard to customize: the look and feel is different, which can demotivate a visitor who is looking to make a purchase. For desktop browsers, we created targeted booking pages, so that visitors can complete their transaction in the trusted layout.

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We work with like-minded people in all organizations

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