Loevestein Castle A rich history in a modern guise


After launching the new website, the amount of online visits increased by 35%, leading to a solid increase in ticket sales.


Loevestein Castle has a rich history. There’s no better way to learn about its history than experiencing it yourself at Loevestein Castle, but until you’re actually there, the website provides an alternative experience. The result: a modern website using impressive images and fitting content, that explains clearly what you can experience at the castle.

After the launch of the new website and setting up Google Ad Grants, the amount of online visits increased by 35%, leading to a solid increase in ticket sales.


Converting online visits into offline visitors

Converting online visits into offline visitors and maintaining the growth of the amount of visitors. That was the goal for the development of the new website for Loevestein Castle. Having a designer available who used to dream about becoming a knight, that seemed achievable.


No standard installation, but a custom made WordPress environment

Marrying, partying, staying the night, business trip or just a day of medieval fun? The homepage instantly shows what the possibilities are, while introducing the castle’s history. The expanded menu is gathered in one small block. A conscious choice to achieve a calm and easy-to-navigate web design.

The website is responsive and looks great on any screen. No default implementation, but a custom made environment for a bespoke web design. We set up WordPress using building blocks powered by ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) to enable Loevestein staff to add and edit content. This assures search engines can easily parse the website, giving Loevestein Castle a strong position.

Slik also developed newsletter design and campaigns using MailChimp. Loevestein Castle can now easily reach their target audiences effectively.


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