IFFR Unleashed

A video streaming platform for arthouse films


With IFFR Unleashed, the best movies of the IFFR are in reach from your own living room. IFFR Unleashed gives you access to the best creations and the best filmmakers, and provides a worldwide stage for these filmmakers.

In cooperation with Hoppinger - who was responsible for the web design and the front-end of IFFR Unleashed - Slik realized a video on demand (VOD) platform. Slik created the back-end application with the necessary integrations and customizations to make the application communicate with the front-end.
Octopus illustratie met allerlei borden in z'n tentakels

A worldwide podium for IFFR-movies

The IFFR supports upcoming and settled filmmakers with their artistic projects. One of the ways they do this is by offering them a stage during the annual International Filmfestival Rotterdam (IFFR). Creators get the chance to present themselves to the festival’s 300.000 visitors. Afterwards, 60 to 70 percent of the movies never play in cinemas. A missed opportunity.

Aside from the 300.000 annual festival visitors, IFFR Unleashed reaches a worldwide audience through their online on-demand video platform. The streaming video platform offers a curated selection of movies for film enthusiasts who are looking for something a bit more deep than what Netflix has to offer.

With Slik, we have accepted the challenge of building the back-end for a worldwide video platform. Seeing the fact that it’s a worldwide platform, the complexity is rather high. Varying film licenses and taxes per country, for example. Thanks to Slik's flexibility and the creative cooperation, we have been able to build a beautiful platform in a short amount of time!
Ivo Bakhuys - Project Leader IFFR Unleashed
IFFR Unleashed website on iPad

User-friendly UI

As technical partner of IFFR Unleashed we have tackled the design of a user-friendly backbone UI for desktop and mobile usage. A user interface allows the organisation to add new film productions, authors and collections to the website without dropping a sweat. Getting insight into the various use cases was the first step. These use cases became leading for our designers during the design phase.

We developed a scalable interface for the web application where IFFR employees can collect and manage movies and creator content. They can also manage users, profiles, payments and metadata around content such as licenses, scheduling and geofencing. To fit the front-end of the platform seamlessly into the application, some integrations were required. To name a few:

  • Content Management (API): all dynamic data gathered through the web application is forwarded to the website using the API developed by Slik. Thanks to the API, website visitors have access to the movies, trailers and information of the collections and creators.
  • JW PLayer: all movies are shown in high quality thanks to this fast html5 player. JW Player makes it possible to show the movies in the best possible quality on each screen.
  • Buckaroo: for the completion of a safe payment process.
  • ECB import: Because we’re dealing with an international platform, we make sure to get the EUR/USD exchange rates automatically from the ECB.
  • Mandrill: For transactional emails to support the order process.
  • Docker: This technology was used to deploy the application on the hosting platform.

The platform was launched at the 2018 film festival.

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